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One more type of therapy has been applied at the Ilizarov center starting from 2008 – hirudo therapy. Hirudo therapy is a treatment using medical leeches. This kind of therapy is known from the ancient times for treating a variety of diseases such as osteochondrosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardium infarction, ischemic heart disease, bronchial asthma, gastritis, and some others. The method of hirudotherapy has been efficiently applied in urology, surgery, and gynecology; for metabolic, nerve, eye and endocrinal diseases; for diseases of the ear, throat, nose, mouth and skin.

With the development of science the action mechanism of leeches’ saliva was deciphered. It contains a large number of biologically active substances that contribute to the improvement of health. The saliva secretion of leeches has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effect. The physicians of the Ilizarov center use the method for postoperative complications. Leeches remove intercellular liquid that contains toxins on the operated area and improve capillary flow thus contributing to wound healing.

Healthy people are recommended to have the procedure once a year for prophylaxis.

Note. Current hirudotherapy uses leeches grown at special biofactories in Perm, Saratov, St. Petersburg and Moscow. They are grown for one and half year and considered conditionally sterile as they are fed with purified bovine blood. Before being used in clinic they are kept starved for 4 months so that semi-starved species were more effective. One medical leech is used per 10 kg of patient’s weight. The procedure itself is painless and by sensation resembles electrophoresis. Leeches are kept on skin from 15 to 80 minutes and trigger the cells of affected area to recover.

Some facts. Hirudotherapy dates back to 10 thousand years B.C. according to Chinese sources. Useful vampires are depicted on the walls of Egyptian pyramids. The first world congress on the use of leeches in medicine was held in 1992. In 2002 the ministry of health of the Russian Federation issued recommendation on the use of hirudotherapy. The 44th WHO session in Geneva stated the positive effect of hirudotherapy basing on scientific data.


In recent years, the medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis, has been used to aid salvage of compromised microvascular free-tissue transfers, replanted digits, ears, lips and nasal tips in the plastic surgery. Accordingly, the survival of compromised, venous-congested tissues improved by early application of leeches. In July 2004, the FDA approved leeches as a medical device in the area of plastic and reconstructive surgery. A survey of all 62 plastic surgery units in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland showed that the majority of these units use leeches post-operatively.

2003, in collaboration with physicians in the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, 23 patients (14 males and 9 females), 8-79 years old (average: 35.9 years) presenting with venous congestion of revascularized or replanted fingers, free or local flaps were treated by leech therapy. Of the 15 fingers, 10 fingers were saved (4 out of 9 replanted fingers and 6 out of 6 revascularized fingers), while 17 out of 18 flaps were salvaged (3 out of 4 free flaps and all 14 island and random flaps). Fifteen patients received 1-13 units of packed blood cells (average 2.9). The patients with revascularized or replanted fingers were treated in average of 2.5 days and each finger was treated with an average of 5.7 leeches. The 15 patients with flaps were treated in average of 3.4 days and each flap was treated with an average of 9.2 leeches. In conclusion, leech therapy should be considered as an integral part of the armamentarium used in reconstructive surgery. It improves greatly the success rate of the surgery in cases of post-operative venous congestions, allowing blood drainage until angiogenesis is established.


Have you ever thought of doing leech cupping. At first you will only feel a small little bites ( like an ant bites) and after that you will enjoy it.Leech cupping therapy can help those who is having Diabetes, gout and hypertension. with the leech sucking out the acidic blood out from the body...usually the leeches will take about 1-2 hours to suck out the blood as they can suck 5 times more than their body size. The leech saliva or Hiruda has the ability to unclog a clog blood so that its easier for them to suck it out.Once there is a person suffering from gout went for the leech therapy. He put on the leech to suck out his blood on his foot where he has the gout.After 1 hours the leech fell down, they thought the leech is already full and after less than 5 minutes the leech died sufferred from the acidic blood from the foot that having gout.. the acidic blood can killed the leech and think about yourself having the acidic blood in your body?..With the leech cupping therapy it could help to reduce the sickness and probably might help to cure the sickness as well..The American and European has been doing this therapy and proven to help in medication and cure. Leeches has so many benefits that we could have think of.

“I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy.” - Demi Moore

Leech Therapy

While leeches have been used for centuries to combat a variety of ailments from fever to flatulence, it’s only recently that the slimy, wriggling blood-suckers have been making appearances in medical spas, and at up to several hundreds of dollars per session. Just to give you an idea of what this treatment entails, the beauty website lists the following as Procedure Highlights:

  • Highly trained medical leeches (how the hell do you train leeches?)
  • Shaving of the entire body before applying the leeches (I thought this was more commonly done for cancer patients)
  • Patient being immersed in turpentine (Turpentine? Really?)
  • Patient experiences a stinging sensation (you know, this is starting to not sound so fun)
  • It causes bleeding in the patient (okay, this is definitely not fun)
  • Oh! But it also makes the person look younger!

So if you’re like me, you’ll look over that list and take solace in the fact that only crazy people would subject themselves to such a disturbing “treatment.” Well, think again because apparently this nightmarish version of bloodletting has made its way to Hollywood and is being touted by the likes of Demi Moore.

“I feel like I’ve always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing” said Demi Moore. “I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy.”

Okay, I wish I were making this up – but unfortunately for the world, I’m not.



PRICE : RM450.OO per person

* 5 x treatment
*Unlimited Leech
*Biohirudo oil (10ml)


PRICE: RM1000.00

Maximum of 10 person
*Unlimited leech
*Biohirudo oil (10ml) each






Walk in Price :

3 leeches - RM 35.00

10 leeches - RM80.00

*Add on - Traditional full body /foot reflexology massage

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Leeches are annelids or segmented worms, and although closely related to the earthworms, are anatomically and behaviourally more specialised. The bodies of all leeches are divided into the same number of segments (34), with a powerful clinging sucker at each end (although the anterior, or front sucker can be very small). Body shape is variable, but to some extent depends on the degree to which their highly muscular bodies are contracted. The mouth is in the anterior sucker and the anus is on the dorsal surface (top) just in front of the rear sucker. Leeches usually have three jaws and make a Y-shaped incision. The Australian land leech has only two jaws and makes a V-shaped incision. Australian leeches can vary in size from about 7 mm long to as much as 200 mm when extended.
Leeches are annelids comprising the subclass Hirudinea. There are fresh water, terrestrial, and marine leeches. Like their near relatives, the Oligochaeta, they share the presence of a clitellum. Like earthworms, leeches are hermaphrodites. There are 650 known species of leeches. The Hirudo leech has three jaws with 100 teeth on each jaw - making 300 teeth in all. The Medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis, which is native to Europe, and its congeners have been used for clinical bloodletting for thousands of years.Today, doctors use leeches for treating abscesses, painful joints, glaucoma, myasthenia, and to heal venous diseases and thrombosis. Medical leeches are used in plastic surgery, for improving blood circulation and for curing infertility.The majority of the applications of the leech in human medicine are also valid in veterinary medicine. So they are similarly pointed out in the treatment of thromboses, phlebitis, furuncles, hemorrhoids, haematomata, edemata, tendinites They can also be used in surgery in cases of tissulaires transplants.The general indications for hirudotherapy are Heart Diseases, Inflammatory Reactions, Rheumatic Diseases, Arthritis, Muscle Tension, Tendovaginitis and Tendinitis, Venous Disease and Varicose Veins, Thrombosis and embolism, Antidyscratic therapy ( blood purification and regeneration) of toxicoses and mental illnesses, Arthrosis, Passive congestions and spastic conditions, Transudates and exudates, Vertebrogenic Pain Syndromes.A simple principle lies at the heart of all hirudo-miracles. During the process of feeding, leeches secrete a complex mixture of different biologically and pharmacologically active substances into the wound. Hirudin is the best known component of leech saliva. Hirudin is sometimes used to describe all active substance in leech saliva. In reality, Hirudin refers only to one specific active substance in leech salive.

Medicinal Leeches Maintenance

Use dechlorinated bottled water. The greater the amount of water, the less it needs changing. No more than 50 leeches should go into a 2.5 litre container. It will be good to change water every two days.

The leeches will survive quite happily in a refrigerator or in a cool place, provided the temperature does not exceed 15°C. Special care and attention should be taken if the leeches are to be used in a heated hospital ward. Keep them as cool as possible until they are needed. Never put leeches into direct sunlight.

A lid is essential. Leeches are amphibious and like to crawl about. Perforations are advised but they must be very small indeed, as the leech body is elastic and capable of going through remarkably small openings. A cloth cover secured tightly with string, rubber band or tape is useful. Do not overcrowd.

Disposal of leeches after use
Do not use the leeches which have been used asd do not return a used leech to the pharmacy.As with a dirty needle, failure to comply with this warning could result in transmittal of serious infectious diseases. Leeches which have been used on a patient should be disposed of by placing in a container of 70% alcohol for 5 minutes, then disposed of just as other infectious waste is disposed of.


Kawasan dimana bekam boleh dibuat di sekitar tubuh , depan, belakang dan juga kaki, betis dan peha



Terapi alternatif dengan Lintah (Hirudo Medicinalis) telah digunakan sejak abad ke 18, di zaman moden ini banyak perkara yang dianjurkan oleh para saintis dalam soal makanan mahupun perawatan tubuh , tidak terkecuali dalam bidang perubatan.Suatu masa dahulu, cara penggunaan terapi lintah purba dengan menggunakan hirudin sebagai antikogulan pada kardiovaskular. Terapi hirudo Medicinalis leech dan Herbal yang dilakukan sejak tahun 2000 untuk tujuan perubatan berbagai penyakit seperti Kelenjar Getah Bening, Tyroid, Kanser Payudara, Migrain, Jantung Koroner, Saraf tersepit, Diabetes kering mahupun basah. Kebanyakkan pesakit telah melalui terapi ini, proses penyembuhannya dapat dirasakan hari demi hari dan sangat cepat. Hingga saat ini, terapi hirudo medicinalis leech tidak mendatangan kesan sampingan yang boleh memudaratkan tubuh pesakit.


Setiap tahun lebih dari tiga juta orang di seluruh dunia meninggal sebagai akibat dari komplikasi Diabetes Mellitus atau dengan kata lain terjadi satu kematian setiap tiga detik. Diet serta olahraga yang teratur dapat mengurangkan secara mengejut berkemungkinan seseorang itu akan mengalami toleransi glukosa terganggu boleh menyebabkan diabetes. Terapi efektif bisa dilakukan dengan lintah, untuk mengubati Diabetes Mellitus (kering) lintah-lintah tersebut perlu dilekatkan pada bahagian yang sakit disekitar kaki maupun tangan. Diabetes Mellitus, radang, bengkak, luka yang tidak bisa sembuh, busuk, sel yang sudah mati disekitar lubang luka, saraf / jaringan yang mati akan hidup kembali tanpa perlu dibuang dengan pelaksanaan terapi lintah dan ramuan herbal ini. Diabetes Mellitus (basah) juga boleh disembuhkan juga.

Kegunaan dan manfaat lintah di dalam bidang perubatan telah lama dikenali dan diakui. Amnya lintah-lintah yang dikategorikan sebagai “medicinal leeches” adalah lintah Eropah (H. medicinalis), lintah Asia (H. manillensis) dan lintah Amazon (Haementeria ghiliani). Pihak Food And Drug Administration di Amerika Syarikat (USFDA) hanya mengiktiraf kegunaan H. medicinalis sahaja bagi tujuan perubatan.


Bekam atau hijamah adalah teknik pengobatan dengan jalan membuang darah kotor (racun yang berbahaya) dari dalam tubuh melalui permukaan kulit.Perkataan Al Hijamah berasal dari istilah bahasa arab : Hijama (حجامة) yang berarti pelepasan darah kotor. Sedangkan dalam bahasa Inggris disebut dengan cupping, dan dalam bahasa melayu dikenal dengan istilah Bekam. Di Indonesia dikenal pula dengan istilah kop atau cantuk..
Bekam merupakan pengubatan yang dicontohkan oleh
Nabi Muhammad SAW, sebagaimana dijelaskan dalam hadist Bukhari :
Dari Ibnu Abbas r.a. Rasulullah SAW bersabda : "Kesembuhan (Ubat) itu ada pada tiga hal: dengan minum madu, pisau hijamah (bekam), dan dengan besi panas. Dan aku melarang ummatku dengan besi panas." (Hadist Bukhar

Hijamah/bekam/cupping/kop/chantuk dan banyak istilah lainnya sudah dikenal sejak zaman dulu, iaitu kerajaan Sumeria, kemudian terus berkembang sampai Babilonia, Mesir, Saba, dan Persia. Pada zaman Rasulullah SAW, beliau menggunakan kaca berupa cawan atau mangkuk tinggi. Pada zaman China kuno mereka menyebut hijamah sebagai “perawatan tanduk” karena tanduk menggantikan kaca. Pada kurun abad ke-18 (abad ke-13 Hijriyah), orang-orang di Eropa menggunakan lintah sebagai alat untuk hijamah. Pada satu masa, 40 juta lintah diimpor ke negara Perancis untuk tujuan itu. Lintah-lintah itu dilaparkan tanpa diberi makan. Jadi bila disangkutkan pada tubuh manusia, dia akan terus menghisap darah tadi dengan efektif. Setelah kenyang, ia tidak berupaya lagi untuk bergerak dan terus jatuh lantas mengakhiri upacara hijamahnya. Kini pengubatan ini dimodifikasi dengan sempurna dan mudah pemakaiannya sesuai dengan kaedah-kaedah ilmiah dengan menggunakan suatu alat yang praktis dan efektif.


Bekam kering atau bekam angin (Hijamah Jaaffah), yaitu menghisap permukaan kulit dan memijat tempat sekitarnya tanpa mengeluarkan darah kotor. Bekam kering ini berkhasiat untuk melegakan sakit secara darurat atau digunakan untuk meringankan kenyerian urat-urat punggung karena sakit rheumatik, juga penyakit-penyakit penyebab kenyerian punggung. Bekam kering baik bagi orang yang tidak tahan suntikan jarum dan takut melihat darah. Kulit yang dibekam akan tampak merah kehitam-hitaman selama 3 hari.

Bekam basah (Hijamah Rothbah), yaitu pertama kita melakukan bekam kering, kemudian kita melukai permukaan kulit dengan jarum tajam (lancet), lalu di sekitarnya dihisap dengan alat cupping set dan hand pump untuk mengeluarkan darah kotor dari dalam tubuh. Lamanya setiap hisapan 3 sampai 5 minit, dan maksima 9 minit, lalu dibuang darah kotornya. Penghisapan tidak lebih dari 7 kali hisapan. Darah kotor berupa darah merah pekat dan berbuih. Dan selama 3 jam setelah di-bekam, kulit yang lebam itu tidak boleh disiram air. Jarak waktu pengulangan bekam pada tempat yang sama adalah 3 minggu sahaja


Sebaiknya berbekam dilakukan pada pertengahan bulan , karena darah kotor berhimpun dan lebih terangsang (darah sedang pada puncak gejolak). Anas bin Malik r.a. menceritakan bahwa : "Rasulullah SAW biasa melakukan hijamah pada pelipis dan pundaknya. Beliau melakukannya pada hari ketujuhbelas, kesembilanbelas atau keduapuluhsatu." (Diriwayatkan oleh Ahmad).
Pemilihan waktu bekam adalah sebagai tindakan
preventif untuk menjaga kesehatan dan penjagaan diri terhadap penyakit. Adapun untuk pengobatan penyakit, maka harus dilakukan kapan pun pada saat dibutuhkan. Dalam hal ini Imam Ahmad melakukan bekam pada hari apa saja ketika diperlukan.
Imam asy-Syuyuthi menukil pendapat Ibnu Umar,
bahwa berbekam dalam keadaan perut kosong itu adalah paling baik karena dalam hal itu terdapat kesembuhan. Maka disarankan bagi yang hendak berbekam untuk tidak makan-makanan berat 2-3 jam sebelumnya. 1. Dari Abu Hurairah RA, Rasulullah SAW bersabda: “Barangsiapa berbekam pada hari ke-17, 19 dan 21 (tahun Hijriyah), maka ia akan sembuh dari segala macam penyakit.” (Shahih Sunan Abu Dawud, II/732, karya Imam al-Albani) 2. Dari Abdullah bin Mas’ud RA, Rasulullah SAW bersabda: “ Sesungguhnya sebaik-baik bekam yang kalian lakukan adalah hari ke-17, ke-19, dan pada hari ke-21.” (Shahih Sunan at-Tirmidzi, Syaikh al-Albani (II/204))

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